Brenda Ceja

Harvard College '23

Project Management Resources

Hello! I was wondering if I could get links to the google sheet, notes on scrum boards, and other resources shared in class today. I was shifting between devices due to technical difficulties and missed these links in the chat. Thank you!

Potential Ideas

posting this in case anyone is interested in joining the team or collaborating (especially #Interactive folks)! we still are working on ideas #2 and #3.

idea #1: mid-priced stationary brand that is highly customizable. planners, expansion packs, stickers, post cards, etc.

idea #2: right now thinking of some type of artist platform for standard portfolio display but also a skill swaping/sharing platform? live interactions where artists swap skills and tricks with each other. inspired by language learning apps where you can practice with a native speaker and both learn a language. like the Adobe Max Conference but 24/7!

idea #3: ? need to either meet again or work-on asynchronously. did not have enough time in class.