Justin Zhu

GSD MDes '22

FINAL Sensual/Sensory Challenge Team 1: Terry Ni, Oliver Brown, Noy Mizrachi, Justin Zhu

1. Pitch:

  • Chocolate Hug: A sweet hug for your mouth.
The chocolate Hug is delicate and sensual in how it ergonomically fits in your mouth and melts on your tongue allowing for a total flavor exploration.

  • H.M.S. Cocoa: Go sailing and watch a delicious shipwreck in your mug.
The hot cocoa bomb is a playful and storytelling experience that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, activating play in all senses. 

2. Theory summary:

  • Chocolate Hug
  1. Designed for the taste, haptic, and olfactory senses. The chocolate is shaped in a way that curves naturally with the tongue and reaches all taste buds. The various flavor types give a different experience when snacking. 
  2. The chocolate hug is intended to be perceived as a sophisticated snack to be shared with guests on a coffee table. The various flavors and platter packaging allow for a shared and addicting experience.

  • H.M.S. Cocoa
  1. Our cocoa bomb is designed with warmth, taste, and smell in mind. Chocolate here is not just an outcome but the material for the overall experience. The ship and shark create narrative for you to have a sailing experience right in your mug.
  2. It's intended to be a fun and whimsical product for kids, but also adults. We want to invoke a feeling of the joy of discovery as they stir the cocoa bomb in as the chocolate gradually melts and a mystery marshmallow pops up.

3. Consumer journey summary:

  • Chocolate Hug

  • H.M.S. Cocoa